Creating Sustainability for the Next 40 Years

The Fundraising Campaign

Our Current Need

We are seeking donor support to retire the last $200,000 of our mortgage, to make us debt free and enable us to redirect funds to an expansion of services. Currently, we spend nearly $15,000 on mortgage payments each year. While we are able to defray some of that cost by renting our parking lot to other local businesses, it remains a significant sum we can’t spend on programming. As a small organization with an annual operating budget of $350,000, every little bit counts.

With your help to retire our mortgage, we will use the $15,000 a year to:

  • Expand our Services
  • Replace our 14 year-old van
  • Increase our emergency and maintenance fund

Won’t you please help us become financially secure by making a gift today?

2022 Fundraising Campaign

“The reason I come to Arch Street Center is because they look
out and support us. The people here understand my illness
whereas my family and some of my friends outside the Center
don’t. The staff here are caring and very considerate of our
limitations as well as our abilities. We enjoy things that we
wouldn’t normally get to do. I feel very blessed to be able to
come to Arch Street Center.”
(member since 2017)

“Arch Street Center is my home away from home. It took
me away from the negativity of the streets. That has been
replaced with positivity. Everyone treats me so well here. I’m
100% involved in the activities. I especially like to play pool
and I would like to play chess more often. I enjoy the trips,
especially to the games. They are free. I really like the positive
feeling here.”
(member since 2015)

Do you want to see the impact Arch Street Center makes on the mental health and food insecure populations in person?

We invite you to come for a tour of our facility!