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Join us in creating a welcoming, stigma-free environment for our 300+ members by becoming a monthly donor. Every level of support counts and helps us provide nutritious meals, empowering activities, and access to basic needs. You’re invited to be part of this exciting community and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

“I chose to support Arch Street Center monthly to demonstrate my commitment to its ongoing growth and success. There is no other program like it in the county, and it provides the most vital part of a happy, healthy life: relationships. Throw in compassion, laughter, fun activities, great food, music, entertaining animal mascots, bright colors, games….you have a magical place.”

– Teri Miller-Landon

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Thank you to our monthly donors:

  • Dave & Faith Gordon
  • Megan Malick & Joe Subacz

“We give monthly to Arch Street Center because we believe in the mission and we know that monthly donations help sustain the good work and give the opportunity for Arch Street to dream bigger and reach further.” – Megan & Joe

  • Susanne & Lou Materia
  • David & Donna Raistrick
  • Amanda, Barry, & Hannah Killian
  • Teri Miller-Landon
  • Scooter & Deb Haase